The "Howard Carter Pendant" is an Atlantis/Louksor Pendant
And is acts initially on the Telluric plan

The "Howard Carter" Pendant is an Atlantis or Louksor Pendant
they don't have exactly the same effects as the Atlantis Ring.
Although it can be devoted for one mystical works of your choice, (Talisman)
Its first effect is on the Telluric plan.

It acts by rebalancing the disturbances on the telluric level (the Energy of the ground.)
Its effect is more or less perceptible according to the place were we live.
More the place where we live are disturbed, more we will notice that it is effective.
The human activities often cause the disturbance of the terrestrial currents energy.
Each time we digs in the ground we disturbs the telluric energy and
if the holes are not filled the disturbances continue and develop.
Sometimes these disturbances are without great consequences.
Sometimes they are very harmful and sometimes they make the place intolerable.
Atlantis Pendent has as a function of acts on these disturbances by neutralizing imbalances
in an operating range of one meter or 2 around the carrier making the place more peaceful.

You can find the pendant Howard Carter (or Luxor / Atlante) at : Under Item Number #    Pe-Carter

And Atlantis Pendant at: # Pe-550

The Atlantis Bracelet "Howard Carter"
Acts in the same way that the Atlantis Pendent

You will find the Atlantis Bracelet under Item Number #     Bra-Carter

Small Atlantis Bracelet

NEW:   Bra-550_F

Study Made by : The Research and Compilation Crystal Center